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5 Tips to Save on Your Cell Phone Bill

For many people, their cell phone represents the biggest monthly utility expense. Data plans for texting, streaming videos, playing games, sending photos and surfing the Internet add up in cost. However, with a few simple changes, you can opt for a less expensive plan.

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Three Quick Ways to Boost Your Credit Score and Get Better Interest Rates

When money is tight, raising your credit score might fall down on your list of priorities. However, a lower credit score can make money even tighter by making it impossible to get a loan without a sky-high interest rate. When you’re paying high interest rates, that’s even more money coming out of your pocket each month that isn’t going to good use.

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Three Easy Ways to Save an Emergency Fund

With transportation and grocery prices eternally rising, putting a little money away each month has become more burdensome. Having an emergency savings,however, will prepare you for a financially rainy day and save you money in the long run.

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