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Gold Sweeps Entry


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  • Vaughan Holness December 14, 20122:15 pm

    I need money.

  • Vaughan Holness December 14, 20122:16 pm

    I need alot of money.

  • cecelia December 14, 20122:34 pm

    I would use it to help my family get through this tuffe economy and I would finish school with out having to take out more lones it would be a blessing for sure thanks

  • gregory warren December 14, 20122:43 pm

    pay medical bills.

  • Kathy Montgomery December 14, 20126:39 pm

    I would make sure that I had enough in savings for emergencies and to live after retirement. After I paid my bills off the first year. I would buy a car that I don’t have to put antifreeze in each month, or afraid it would not start. I would help others in my area that I know are having a hard time and also I would purchase a small house in a nice neighborhood for my family.

  • Jana Hipps December 14, 20127:14 pm

    I would use it to find a place to live or to be able to buy a house. I am currently homeless and living in a friends living room. I have been here for about six months and it is not easy. I would also be able to buy a new phone, and to be able to buy christmas presents with out having to worry.

  • Marshall Langston December 14, 20128:38 pm

    I’m a mother. Of 5 if I get a chance.too win. I would. Buy. Me a home. But invest in a day care

  • carmen mellado December 14, 20129:49 pm

    if i were to win that kind of money i would do everything i never did the first time i feel bad when my kids need my help and i cant help them i feel useless i say to myself what kind of a mother are you .but if i won i would make it all up to them so there life would be better that would make me a very happy person thank you for every thing happy holiday.

  • Marlene Harlow December 14, 20129:54 pm

    I’d buy a house for my kids and me to live in.

  • Summer Turner December 15, 201212:22 am

    I am homeless and have know where to go. I am a college student at Cuyamca Community colleg im studying Psychology if i got this money i would use it to pay for school bus pass and for affordable appartment.

  • BERNESTINE BROWN December 15, 201212:38 am


  • Amanda Ackerson December 15, 20121:39 am

    I would use the money to get my kids back and to finish school!

  • romein December 15, 20126:16 pm

    I’d help my grandmother with her house and start my own bussiness for me and my family

  • charles chew December 16, 201211:33 pm

    i want anuff grant money to help the peaple my state to make sure they have plenty of work and training for these new jobs

  • Harriet Perrin December 20, 201210:58 pm

    I would love to win the money because I would pay my car note so I would not lose my car. I would help my family pay their bills . I will give some to my church.

  • Tazz December 21, 20121:07 am


  • Loretta December 23, 201211:44 pm

    I would like to recieve free money to futher my career and buy a lap top so i can take online classes and pay a few bills



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